It’s now a horde of years that our country has been experiencing severe drought of water shortage. This is due to lack of proper conservation of our environment. For instance, we have seen in some parts of our country people and even animals dying due to hunger and starvation.

In our village, this lack of water has affected in deep in which people go to a nearby river to fetch water and also use it to clean clothes not caring whether the water is dirty and if it can affect them or not .This is because due to huge queue of people who need the water, it may take a lot of time and maybe you don’t have any water to use.

This creates so many problems since some people don’t want to form  queue like others which lead to fight which may cause serious injuries and later hatred between people’s.

The government should help by taking action and that is by building boreholes and digging up dams and lakes in order to save our people and also our animals. Also people should conserve the environment by planting down more trees since all living things need water for survival and we can’t survive without water since WATER IS LIFE.


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My father had left to work when my mother and I decided to go to the market to buy some items leaving no one at home since we were not going to stay for long and also the market was not far away from our village.

We went as fast as our feeble legs could carry our weight to the market, bought the items and later back home but I was astonished with the facial expression my mother wore after opening the door. I didn’t waste more time and I entered the house in which I was amazed with what I saw since nothing was left in the house including; television, radio and many others.

I run to the police station to report since that was the only thing I could do and later informed my father. In a twinkle of an eye, the police had already started their investigation while on the other hand some other friends of ours lend their hands on us by offering us with shelter before we could raise some money to support our selves.

Within one week, the thugs were arrested in which they were not only thieves but also our neighbours.Everyone was amazed because we didn’t think they could do such things and since this is not the fast time for theft to happen action should be taken and this is by government providing jobs to the youths since most crimes are done by the youth, take children who don’t go to school and take them to school because due to idling they can form groups and later be thugs in which who be will be our future leaders and we know that they are our future leaders.

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Environment is anything that surrounds us while pollution is releasing of harmful substances to the environment. In our community there is a lot of pollution brought about by so many things and because of this the slums are always unhygienic.

The first problem is poor waste management. This has affected several people because hips of garbage is always next to the shanties where people live and many are the times when younger children would go out and play around with the garbage and therefore exposing them to diseases. This problem is basically manifested because people luck the amenities where they could dispose the waste and therefore they end up throwing them everywhere.

Lack of better toilets is also a major problem and the few that are available can’t support the entire slum population. The problem is propelled even further with the fee that they charge though small, some cannot afford it and therefore they do it on papers then through them away.

Housing and the high rents that is manifested in the slums around Nairobi is also an issue of concern. Additionally there is always lack of space so people end up building the small shanties everywhere so that they could at least get a place toile their heads.

These are some of the problems that we encounter in kibagare slum which is my resident. In which although people are to be blamed for lack of interest and knowledge in the issues and how they can be dealt with. The government should help by providing garbage damping kits or bags this will enhance proper waste management. Various measures should also be taken to curb the vice like putting up a legislative framework, advocacy campaigns geared towards proper waste management and also encouraging people to practice good hygiene in the slums.


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My name is Beatrice Wanjiru. I was born on 23rdFebruary 1994 in a place known as Ng’arua. I grew up in a challenging environment where some of  the  basic  needs were not available. I grew up in  a family of  five, my   parents were not  financially  stable but they managed to sponsor us for our basic education in the nearby school where  I  studied my primary education. Sadly I was not able to go further with my education because the money my parents were earning could not feed the entire family and also take us to school.

Even though I grew up with a desire of attaining my dreams, my dreams started weaving away because of lack of finances but I didn’t lose hope in life. I started working here and there to raise money but my efforts bore no fruits. Am hoping that one day even if it takes ages I will be able to live up to my aspirations and have a standardized life.

My hobbies are travelling, reading novels and singing. Currently, am learning ICT and Advocacy skills in the Digital Storytelling project sponsored by Undugu Society of Kenya. It is my wish that I will eventually become a professional in digital technology. I will keep in mind all the efforts offered unto me towards improving our lives.

My role model is my mother because she disciplines me and always wants me to be a good lady in future. My vision is to be a respected lady in future and also to help the needy and better their lives.

Lastly but not least, I would like to thank the Undugu Society of Kenya for this great project that they started.

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